Level 2 Creative Vinyasa

This class is taught by:

Craig Baldwin

RTY 200
Craig first started practicing yoga over 35 years ago. With a physical job working in construction and playing different team sports for recreation, he never made the time to develop a consistent yoga practice. About 14 years ago after having to stop playing the sports he loves mainly due to lingering injuries he came back home to yoga. At some point while practicing 2-3 times a week in different studios for a decade or so, Craig’s practice felt stagnant.


To deepen his understanding of the history and philosophy of Yoga, he took teacher training at Be Luminous Yoga. While his intention of taking the training was not to teach, somewhere along the way he became inspired to teach. Teaching Yoga is another evolution in his spiritual growth. Craig brings his life experience, humor, playfulness, LOVE of Yoga and music to each class!


When Craig is not in a yoga studio he is doing some sort of construction project, walking his dog, listening to and playing blues, jazz, and kirtan music, enjoying the salt air of Puget Sound on Camano Island, and spending time with friends and family. He especially enjoys spending time with his wonderful wife of 23 years, Nan. Craig looks forward to seeing you on the mat!

Zak Endicott

E-RYT 200


Zak is a dynamic, motivating human being who stands for freedom and unconditional love. He was born to spread light and to help others turn on their own inner light. Discovering the yoga path opened his mind and heart to growth, healing and transformation; and his life has become an exciting and fulfilling adventure ever since. He believes that today’s yoga movement is the call of people saying we want to heal, live, and love deeply. Together we make a difference. Every yoga class is affirmation that the world can be a peaceful place.


Zak is E-RYT 200 with the Yoga Alliance. He completed Level 1 and Level 2 training with Baron Baptiste in 2010 and advanced teacher training with Ana Forrest in 2014. He teaches workshops and retreats locally and internationally, and facilitates many Shakti programs including Shakti’s 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and Teacher Mentorship Program (TMP). In addition, Zak currently leads Shakti’s Introductory Series on Tuesdays at Shakti Bellevue and on Thursdays at Shakti Seattle.


In his personal practice, Zak studies and practices Ashtanga yoga, a more classical form taught traditionally by Sri Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India, and Forrest yoga, a powerful and healing, contemporary style created by Ana Forrest. He weaves these two influences skillfully into his classes and programs, combining classical practices, along with modern insight and adaptations. Classes with Zak are fun, potent, and unique.

Andrea Pavela

RYT 200


Andrea is passionate about sharing yoga as a platform to explore movement, take risks, and grow towards your highest potential. Her own practice over the last decade has guided her to a more aligned, connected, and curiosity-led life.


Expect a strong, conscious flow, built off alignment principles with lots of opportunities to color outside the lines. A lover of handstands and arm balances, she will challenge your strength and stamina with an infusion of humor in hopes you’ll crack a smile in the process.


Andrea completed initial training through Sonic Yoga in New York City. She’s since pursued trainings and workshops with the likes of Annie Carpenter, Ido Portal, Dylan Werner, Lorin Roche, Sally Kempton, and Shiva Rae.

This class will move at a steady, flowing pace with options to challenge yourself and to pursue more advanced variations as well as to release and relax deeply. The physical practice will focus on moving through a creative vinyasa sequence that builds strength, stability, flexibility, balance, and body awareness. You will learn foundations of yogic philosophy, breath work, and mindfulness techniques as a part of this rich, comprehensive class. Leave feeling stronger, empowered, and peaceful in your mind and heart from this invigorating and balancing practice.

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