Sean O'Connor

Sean came to yoga in a most unremarkable way: In 2004 a new studio opened in his neighborhood and he decided to give it a try. There was no eureka! moment, no kundalini rising, no epiphany – just a gradual realization that the consistent practice was having a significant impact on his life. He was physically stronger, emotionally more balanced and happier – so he kept practicing. Simple. He discovered Shakti and Baptiste Power Vinyasa in early 2006, and was inspired by his teachers to consider becoming a teacher himself. He has studied with and been influenced by numerous teachers both within and outside of the Shakti community, most significantly, Lisa Black and Baron Baptiste. He has completed Level I and Level II trainings with BPYI, as well as introductory and advanced Teacher Assistant programs. The intensity and richness of his Baptiste teacher training programs and his ongoing practice have opened him up to new and powerful ways of being – both on the mat and in his daily life. It’s clear to him that sharing these gifts with others helps keep them alive within him.

Sean O'Connor is currently not instructing any classes.