Jenn Hepton

As a society, our focus is constantly brought to our outer body. Jenn's belief is that yoga invites us to refocus on our inner light - our inner body. Jenn has had the honor of teaching yin, restorative, gentle Hatha, and slow flow yoga for the last 10 years in beautiful Vancouver, London and now Seattle. She has trained in hatha, hot hatha, prenatal, children, yin and restorative yoga. Her classes are non-judgmental, non-competitive, within a safe and comfortable space where you can let go of everyday stress to find balance. Each class incorporates her love of music & words into the practice with guided meditations and connected breath. Jenn invites yogis to explore themselves with an open heart, an open mind and most importantly, with compassion. Jenn loves the practice of yoga for the clarity of mind and peacefulness that comes from the breath flowing freely in the body. Aside from yoga, Jennifer is also a Life + Grief Coach and is the founder of Loss In Transition Coaching. Jenn strives to bring a sense of stillness, intention, fun, light and appreciation by working on connecting the body, spirit and mind.

Jenn Hepton is currently not instructing any classes.