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Bio-Energy Healing at Shakti Vinyasa Bellevue


*Introductory Offer* 

Special Price: $60.00


Valid for your first session of Bio-Energy Healing & Life Coaching.  Clients can expect noticeable energetic and emotional shifts even after one Bio-Energy Healing session. Experience has shown that Bio-Energy Healing is most effective as a course of treatment.


Packages and discounts are available.

Individual Session: $85

Molly Grove is an Intuitive, Life Coach and Energy Healer who specializes in Bio-Energy Healing to clear qi blockages and re-balance the body’s energy field. 


What is Bio-Energy Healing?


Bio-Energy Healing is an effective, holistic technique for the treatment of physical illness, emotional blocks, mental obstacles, and spiritual issues.  It is based on the understanding that each of us is a complex, interactive energy system.  Science has begun to recognize that several subtle bodies surround the physical body – when you are healthy, life energy (or chi) flows freely through your energy field, providing a sense of self-assurance, groundedness and a feeling of being in harmony with yourself and the world.  However, if you have been experiencing a significant amount of stress, persist in holding on to past emotions, or have developed a belief system that is out of alignment with your life’s purpose – the energy within your bio-energetic field will become stagnant or even blocked. This “stuck” energy tends to crystallize around core issues that, up to now, you have not been ready to face, or simply did not have the specific knowledge or tools to do so.  Although you may not be conscious of what is going on in your energy field, your higher mind is completely aware of what is happening.  In order to restore balance, it will seek to make you aware of the problem – through the “alarm bells” of illness, depression, addiction, relationship disharmony or some other type of trauma.  You may become confused, lost or even fearful as you search for a means to help you return back to health


Bio-Energy Healing provides the means to overcome this crisis.  Emotions and thought forms from past experiences are cleared out of your energy field.  Now, energy can flow smoothly along its proper pathways – and the body heals.  The mind, too, returns to a more open and receptive state, allowing higher intelligence to enter and quietly remove the obstacles that were preventing you from enjoying your natural state of health and well-being.


The Bio-Energy process continues to work long after the session is over, creating a “bridge network” between the subtle and physical bodies and transferring new information throughout your system.  From the cellular to the spiritual level, the process of growth and healing is accelerated. Lessons learned in one area of life can be applied to other areas.  Now you begin to awaken to new possibilities of health and wholeness as your positive intentions are realized more and more often – with less and less effort. Perhaps the greatest benefit of this work is the self-empowerment that comes with knowing that feelings, mental blocks, and illnesses are only temporary appearances in your energy system.  In truth, there is no condition that cannot be healed with positive intention and appropriate treatment.


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