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Northwest Yoga Conference 2018


Save the Date! February 21-25, 2018
Join Lisa Black at the Northwest Yoga Conference 2018

Lisa Black at NW Yoga Conference 2018

Join Lisa Black for two very special workshops at the Northwest Yoga Conference 2018!

February 23 | Hands of an Angel: Assisting Vinyasa with Lisa Black | 8:00 -1:00 AM

February 24 | Create Meaningful Connections with Lisa Black | 1:00 - 3:00 PM

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Shakti Vinyasa Yoga introduces a new program to kick start your summer. Join us this June! Read More

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40 Days to a Personal Revolution 2017

40 Days to a Personal Revolution will reveal mental clarity, lightness of the body, and an illumination of spirit, regardless of your level of yoga experience. If you are looking for huge transformation or small positive shifts in your life, this inspiring program motivates students to live better. 40 Days is the perfect way to greet 2017. Read More

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If you are looking for huge transformation or small positive shifts in your life, this inspiring program motivates students to live better. 40 Days is the perfect way to greet 2016. Read More

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Gratitude in Motion

Join us in Seattle or Bellevue this special 2 hour workshop on Thanksgiving Day. Read More

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Letting it Go: Conquering the Ego of Yoga

For the first time in years, I was practicing yoga in a room filled with mirrors. And the mirrors were a complete distraction for me. I would like to say that it was the novelty of them. But, to be completely honest, my ego went wild. I found myself constantly checking how my poses looked while I practiced. What does my half standing lift look like? What about half moon? How about warrior 1? Are my hips level? Do any of my poses come even close to the pictures people post on Facebook? Read More

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Shakti Vinyasa Yoga 200/hr Teacher Training — FAQ

Can I still do teacher training if I’m new to yoga?

Yes! Rather than focusing on the number of years you’ve been practicing or which poses you can do with your body, we are more interested in your level commitment to your yoga practice and your dedication to personal growth. Show up with enthusiasm and willingness to learn and you’ll fit right in!

What payment plans are available?

We have a few payment plans to choose from.

If you pay your full tuition by July 1st, you can receive an early bird special ($3,200) saving $300! If you make your payments after July 1st, you can pay our standard tuition ($3,500) in one up-front payment, or in installments. Payment plans with multiple installments are processed by auto-debit and require an additional processing fee of $20 per installment.

What happens if I miss a day?

Graduation from our program requires that you meet our attendance requirements of 180 contact hours. We ask all trainees to commit to attending every day of training. If for any reason you are unable to attend a day of training, you will be required to notify us in advance and then make up the hours in a private session with a senior teacher at an hourly rate.

Do we have homework?

Yes! We assign OM Work every week that helps you process what you’re learning and prepare for the upcoming weekend. OM work consists of journaling questions, worksheets, reading, small group projects, and practice teaching/assisting.

What is the final exam?

Always the big question on everyone’s mind! The final exam is broken into three parts. Part one is a list of essay questions which you can complete at home. These essay questions are assigned in the last two weeks of the program. Part two is a written exam with multiple choice, short answer, and fill in the blank questions. The written exam covers material from every weekend of training. Part three is practice teaching on the final day of training. You will be asked to teach a portion of the JIP sequence to your fellow trainees and instructors.

Do I have to share in class?

As a teacher trainee you will be asked to commit to ‘being a yes’, willing to meet the demands of the program, which at times requires sharing openly with the group. We commit to making this program a safe-space where you can find support and encouragement whenever you choose to share and at the level that’s appropriate for you.

How time consuming is the training?

Teacher training is a big time commitment. Over the course of four months you will be meeting on 8.5 weekends that include on Friday afternoons, and full days on Saturday and Sunday. Throughout the week, you have 2-3 hrs of OM work and you will be asked to meet up with fellow trainees to practice teaching. Our past graduates have had many different lifestyles; working full-time, caring for families, commuting significant distances to get to the studio, and they all managed to make space in their life to complete the training.

What will I gain from teacher training? Is it really worth the time & money?

Yoga teacher training can be a life-changing experience. In the words of our graduates:

Teacher Training provided me with the tools to let go of the fear that was holding me back, and explore new possibilities.  It strengthened my practice, my leadership skills, and my confidence.  It inspired me to inspire others.Emily -2013 Graduate

It's not easy but it is simple: You just commit to showing up. You really don't need anything else to start. Truly, my life has been forever changed... It's all worth it.Betsey- 2014 Graduate

Doing my 200 hr yoga teacher training at Shakti totally changed my life. Shakti's TT program is unique because it puts a large emphasis on personal growth and this prepared me to be a powerful yoga teacher. It gave me the tools I needed to let go of my fears and to be my most authentic self when I teach yoga. During training, my favorite weekend was TAP because Lisa is a master at hands-on-assisting and her passion is contagious! Plus, I love the friends I made through training - we still meet up every week to catch up and support each other. I'm so glad I took the leap and did my yoga teacher training at Shakti — money very well spent! — Chamonix - 2014 Graduate

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Yoga Teacher Training Open House

Are you curious about our 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training? Join us for a free class and Open House to learn more our program! This is the perfect opportunity to meet our teaching faculty, learn more about our curriculum, participate in a Q&A, and enjoy a free class with Lisa Black!

Yoga Teacher Training

July 25 in Seattle: 11:30-1:00 pm

Register for our Seattle Open House. Attend a special free class, exclusively for perspective Teacher Trainees and meet our teaching faculty! Learn more about our curriculum and participate in a Q&A.

August 6 in Bellevue: Noon-1:30 pm

Register for our Bellevue Open House. Attend Lisa Black's Noon class at our Bellevue studio for free on 8/6/15. Class will be followed by the Open House. This is the perfect opportunity to meet our faculty, learn more about our comprehensive curriculum and participate in a Q&A!

SHAKTI Yoga Teaching Training 2015

September 11-December 13, 2015
Seattle Studio

Our 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program is anchored in Baptiste Yoga sequencing and methodology, emphasizing practical teaching skills and physical adjustments. This four month intensive course will develop your confidence and prepare you to inspire others on their own path to physical and spiritual awakening.


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Your Mat is Your Mirror

I hear it from yoga teachers all the time: "Your mat is your mirror." When I first started practicing, I heard this and immediately dismissed it as new age baloney. "Your mat is your mat" my cynical mind would immediately bark back. As often is the case with human nature, I dismissed and resisted the very thing I needed most. However, when I finally let the wisdom in, this simple phrase opened the door to the amazing yogic tool - inquiry. Read More