200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training | Frequently Asked Questions (and answers!)

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I’m new to yoga. Can I still participate in teacher training?

Yes! Yoga Teacher Training is the perfect opportunity to deepen your asana practice, explore daily meditation, and grow your understanding of healthy alignment and how they relate to teaching and practicing yoga. Whether you aspire to teach yoga or not, Teacher Training will give you the tools to be a leader in own your life and within your community. Show up with enthusiasm and willingness to learn and you’ll fit right in!


There are lots of Yoga Teacher Training programs to choose from, what sets Shakti’s apart?

Shakti Vinyasa Yoga is proud to be Seattle’s leading school for Power Vinyasa Yoga training and one of the most recognized and respected studios in the country. Our comprehensive curriculum is anchored in Baptiste Yoga sequencing and methodology, emphasizing practical teaching skills and physical adjustments.

First, our team of instructors is extremely experienced and diverse. The majority of them have been teaching for 17+ years. This gives you the opportunity to learn from teachers with a variety of backgrounds, philosophies, and experience.

Second, our program places a large emphasis on hands-on assisting. Lisa Black has spent over a decade training instructors on the art of assisting. When physical assisting is incorporated into your teaching it gives you another tool to support and empower your students. Learning how to assist will also greatly impact your personal practice and give you a deeper understanding of the correct alignment of each posture. This was my personal favorite weekend of the program, and I use some of the tools/techniques I learned in that weekend every time I practice or teach.

Third, and we think this might be the most powerful part of our program, we focus on deep, personal inquiry. This work is unique to our program and most of our graduates say it has affected change in their lives in a powerful and positive way.


Do you offer payment plans for Teacher Training tuition?

Yes! Payment plans are totally customizable. Each student works with our Program Coordinator to create a plan that best suits their needs. We require students with payment plans keep a card on file, and their payments are automatically charged to this account on the agreed-upon payment date(s). Each payment includes a $25 installment fee. Tuition must be paid off before the end of the program.
If would like to use a payment plan with our Early Bird special, your tuition must be paid off before the Early Bird special expires.


What happens if I miss a day?

100% attendance is required. Any missed hours must be made up before you are eligible to receive certification. When an instructor or team member is required to spend time with a student to cover missed information, a fee of $125/hour applies. Students who fail to hold makeup sessions or pay their fee will be dismissed from the program.

All daily sessions begin on time and students are expected to be fully present and prepared. Any student who fails to attend a session without prior notification is assumed to have withdrawn from the program. In the event of a medical disability, a leave of absence will be granted.


Do you assign homework?

Yes! We assign OM Work to help you prepare for future content and help you process what you’ve already learned. This work consists of journaling questions, worksheets, reading, small group projects, and practice teaching/assisting.


What is the final exam?

Always the big question on everyone’s mind! The final exam is broken into three parts.


Part one: Essay Question Final Written Exam


Part two: Final Exam with multiple choice, short answer, and fill in the blank questions. The written exam covers material from every weekend of training.


Part three: Teaching Practicum. You will be asked to teach a portion of the JIP sequence to your fellow trainees and instructors and receive in the moment feedback and coaching.


Do I have to share in class?

As a teacher trainee, you will be asked to commit to ‘being a yes’, willing to meet the demands of the program, which at times requires sharing openly with the group. We commit to making this program a safe-space where you can find support and encouragement whenever you choose to share and at the level that’s appropriate for you.

What will I gain from teacher training? Is it really worth the time & money?

Yoga teacher training can be a life-changing experience. In the words of our graduates:


"It took me some time to realize that I am finally doing what I wanted to do. My job brings joy to people. And part of my job is active exercising my mind and body via yoga. I wanted to combine passion (hobby), sport and a job in one source of happiness and income. Looks like it happened."  Irina - 2015 Graduate


"Doing my 200 hr yoga teacher training at Shakti totally changed my life. Shakti's TT program is unique because it puts a large emphasis on personal growth and this prepared me to be a powerful yoga teacher. It gave me the tools I needed to let go of my fears and to be my most authentic self when I teach yoga. During training, my favorite weekend was TAP because Lisa is a master at hands-on-assisting and her passion is contagious! Plus, I love the friends I made through training - we still meet up every week to catch up and support each other. I'm so glad I took the leap and did my yoga teacher training at Shakti — money very well spent!" Chamonix - 2014 Graduate


"It's not easy but it is simple: You just commit to showing up. You really don't need anything else to start. Truly, my life has been forever changed... It's all worth it." Betsey - 2014 Graduate


"Teacher Training provided me with the tools to let go of the fear that was holding me back and explore new possibilities.  It strengthened my practice, my leadership skills, and my confidence.  It inspired me to inspire others."  Emily - 2013 Graduate



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