"Let the Revolution Begin Today…” A breakthrough program to radically change your body and awaken the sacred within your soul.” – Baron Baptiste

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40 Days to a Personal Revolution will reveal mental clarity, lightness of the body, and an illumination of spirit, regardless of your level of yoga experience. If you are looking for huge transformation or small positive shifts in your life, this inspiring program motivates students to live better. 40 Days is the perfect way to greet 2016.

Created by Baron Baptiste, 40 Days to Personal Revolution is a transformative program based in personal inquiry and growth. Participants make a 40 day commitment to practice daily asana, meditation, maintain a healthy diet, and complete personal reflection assignments. Demonstrating that radical change can come from making even the smallest shift, this powerful program builds community and creates a foundation for students to live and grow.


The program is divided into six weeks, with the seventh day of each week devoted to active rest. Each week builds on the lessons of the one preceding it and includes:

ASANA PRACTICE: Attend class 6 days a week at any SHAKTI location. The 7th day is for a restorative home practice, optional yoga class, or day of rest.

DAILY MEDITATION: Receive instruction on how to begin and deepen a daily meditation practice at home.

WEEKLY MEETINGS: Gather together with your group to meditate, journal, discuss, learn, and receive personal support throughout the program.

FOOD CLEANSE: Learn principles to cleanse your body, along with a specific eating plan. Maintain a focus on dietary awareness, including a three day fruit cleanse.

INQUIRY/REFLECTION: Practice personal inquiry and discussion, complete excavation questions to root out limiting beliefs and patterns.

COMMUNITY: Meet like-minded yogis, create meaningful connections, make new friends and feel the support of a healthy learning environment.



Seattle Program led by Chelle Swierz

Assisted by Rob Bracco

Meetings begin on January 9 and are held every Saturday from 12:45 - 2:15 pm.

Register for Seattle

Bellevue Program led by Nicole Tsong

Assisted by Gina Skene

Meetings begin on January 9 and are held every Saturday from 12:45 - 2:15 pm.

Register for Bellevue


$40 for 40 Days

Program participates are encouraged to have an active class pass or membership at SHAKTI to fulfill the 40 days of yoga required throughout this program. Program participants without an active SHAKTI membership are eligible to purchase a special 40 Day pass for $160 in addition to the $40 program fee. 40 Day memberships must be purchased before 1/9/16 and are only available to 40 DAY Program participants using them throughout the duration of the program.

Suggested Reading:

40 Days to a Personal Revolution by Baron Baptiste

The Fruit Feast by Kristy Summers and Ravi Raman

Both of these books are available at SHAKTI purchase.


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