Studio Etiquette


We are a diverse community of yogis that take pride in the welcoming, positive, and inspiring community we've built. We kindly ask each student to participate in supporting our community by following these guidelines while practicing at SHAKTI:


  • Practice ahimsa, or non-violence, at all times. Do no harm in thought, word, or action and treat everyone with respect, including yourself. Be gentle and compassionate.

  • Arrive to class early to set up your mat and props. We do not allow late entries more than 10 minutes after class begins. If entering the studio late, we ask that you enter and set up as quietly as possible. If the class is in a collective OM, please wait until they begin their moving practice before entering the studio.

  • Commit to staying for the entire length of class. We discourage leaving class early unless there is a health concern or emergency as it is disruptive to other students.

  • Always practice saucha, a sanskrit word for order, tidiness or cleanliness. Please leave your belongings in an orderly fashion in the changing areas. Before class, align your mat and props with other students in organized rows or columns. Arrive to class in clean clothes and please do not wear strong scented perfumes or lotions.

  • Do not use your cell phone in the yoga studio or changing rooms while a class is in session. While in class, please turn your cell phone off or silence it so the sound does not carry into the studio. We recommend leaving your cell phone and valuables at home as the studio is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • Practice satya, or truthfulness. If there is something we can do to make your experience better with us, please let us know in person, by phone, or through email. We want everyone to feel welcome, comfortable, and supported while practicing in our studio.