Teacher Mentorship Program | Seattle

The Teacher Mentorship Program (TMP) provides a unique opportunity to train and receive feedback during live classes. TMP participants teach and assist our Intro Series. Throughout the program you will master adjusting asanas and assisting students through a 90 minute class, and receive regular feedback on your teaching abilities from a Senior Teacher. Our goal throughout this program is for you to gain the skills and experience to be a powerful and effective yoga teacher.

- Practice Power Vinyasa Yoga for a minimum of 6 months

- Complete the Teacher Assisting Program (TAP)

- 200-hr Teacher Training Certification or Baptiste Certified Instructor

1. Complete and submit your Program Application

2. Submit your Application Fee online

3. Complete and pass live class Assisting Assessment with TMP Coordinator

Once we receive your application and application fee, our TMP Coordinator will contact you to schedule an Assisting Assessment.

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Briefly define and explain what the following philosophies mean to you and how you incorporate them into your personal practice: